Fulton Market Gallery is now BLNC Yoga

We know! The West Loop needs another yoga studio like a hole in the head, but our aim is a different kind of yoga studio.  Focused on small class sizes, personal attention, and a location that is designed to give you physical and mental space to breathe. 

Our Location
The studio was previously our friend Franklin Riley's Fulton Market Gallery, a 1200 square foot gallery space located on the first floor of an amazing old brick building on Racine between Adams and Monroe. 

The Space
We wanted to keep the gallery vibe, simple white walls, and lots of natural light.  Privacy glass allows us to see out but makes it difficult to see in.  And we focused on controlling light and offering high quality music to enhance our classes.

Our Schedule
Classes are focused on the toughest part of the week - the middle.  We offer classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights and all day Wednesday.  One on one classes are available by appointment.  Text the yogi to schedule a private appointment. 

Our Mission
It sounds hokey, but we want to help people restore some balance to their lives.  We all work too much, drink too much, eat too much... we want to create a space to help balance out all of the excesses we experience in our daily lives.