Tuesday, Thursday

7:30 PM, 45 minutes


Embrace the present moment through breathing exercises. Train your mind to induce a mode of consciousness to reach inner peace. 


Vinyasa Flow

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

6:00 PM, 60 minutes


Faster pace, aerobic. Promotes deep and even breathing.  Balance your body and mind, leaving you feeling invigorated, relaxed and aligned.


Morning Flow


6:30 AM, 60 minutes


Movement designed to awaken your body and provide energy thoughout your day.  Promotes deep and even breathing.  Start your day off right!



By appointment


Stretching and mindful breathing for pregnant women and their babies.




7:30 PM, 60 minutes


Revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs and calm the nervous system through breathing exercises.  Relies on use of props and prolonged holding of poses to achieve a deep level of relaxation.