BLNC Yoga is based in West Loop, with emphasis on vinyasa flow, breathing techniques and meditation, BLNC practices thoughtful and reflexive yoga to promote both physical and mental well-being. 

All classes are taught by certified yoga instructors, with an emphasis on personal attention based on the needs of the class.  BLNC is not about making money, its about making your day better.

Meet the Instructors

Alison Easy Seat.jpg

Alison Call

Alison is the founder of BLNC Yoga.

Alison opened BLNC Yoga in the spring of 2018 to provide the community a place to find balance. A certified 200 hr yoga teacher, Alison focuses on mindfulness, mediation, and movement in her practice.

Favorite ways to find balance: running, riding motorcycles, eating ice cream, and playing with her dog Bella.


Angela Corpus

Angela is a certified 200 hr yoga teacher with a passion for exploring the mind-body connection of yoga. Like many, she initially came to her mat for the workout, but what she discovered was the profound power that a deep breath can bring to a moment. One of her go-to mantras is "I am enough."

Favorite ways to find balance: journaling, getting up early to watch the sunrise, and savoring a good slice of chocolate cake

Kelly McCann (1).jpg

Kelly McCann

Kelly’s passion for movement coupled with a busy professional life led her to her first yoga class, where she found inner peace and stillness by learning how to quiet the mind, one breath and one movement at a time. Kelly is a 200 hr certified yoga instructor who seeks to channel her students’ natural healing abilities to promote the release of stress and tension during her nourishing yoga flows.

Favorite ways to find balance: saying “no” to what doesn’t serve her, spending time in nature, reading, journaling, and having deep philosophical conversations


Lori Madl

Lori is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor who found her passion for yoga through her instructors and mentors, who showed her how a simple hour out of her day helped her escape the stress of the busy world. She loves being able to help her students create and find their own balance that she has found through yoga but most of all, leave class with a smile on their face.

Favorite ways to find balance: Lori finds her balance through writing, movement, and a full bodied Cabernet.


Lisa Debi

Lisa found yoga in 2014, when she was searching for a form of exercise she could enjoy. What she discovered was so much more - the stillness and mind-body connection she felt called to her. Lisa, now a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, remains an avid daily student of yoga. She has a passion for exploring different postures and their effect on the breath, mind and body. Her goal is for every student to learn something - whether it is small or big, physical, mental or spiritual, every time they step foot on their mat.

Favorite ways to find balance: taking baths, meditating, cuddling with her dogs or indulging with some good Indian food and wine.